钟兆真:Evolution of Biogas Policies in China (2001-2019): Dynamics of Policy Instruments towards Energy Transitions
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Abstract: China has emerged as global significant producer of biogas during the last two decades. The Chinese government promoted various types of policy instruments to facilitate the emergence and further development of biogas. This article used the method of content analysis to study the transitions of biogas policy instruments in China. The article in sum surveyed 108 policy documents issued by the central government of China from 2001 to 2019. The article analyzed the number, stringency, forms and institutions of these biogas policies and compared the evo-lution of different types of policy instruments in the different periods of time. The results showed that the Chinese government continuously prioritized Environmental-type instruments, while Supply and Demand types of in-struments have been supplementary. The actual implementation of policy instruments remained gaps with the ideal policy promotion. A balance of different types of policy instruments and mechanisms for policy coordi-nation should be strengthened to constantly support biogas production in the country.

该文于202211月发表在SCI一区期刊《Journal of Cleaner Productin》,影响因子为11.072。该刊也为中科院分区一区TOP期刊。


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